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Luke Lonergan: World’s amazing computer technology

Luke Lonergan, a technology lover and founder of a DBMS company found this video very interesting to share. Every technology lover must love this video.

Luke Lonergan: New technology computer users see screens without glasses

Amazing new technology video created by Luke Lonergan and he shared it to the public. Just have a look, you will be amazed.


Luke Lonergan, “5 Big Questions about Big Data”

How are businesses using big data to connect with their customers, deliver new products or services faster and create a competitive advantage? Luke Lonergan, co-founder & CTO, Greenplum, a division of EMC, gives insight into the changing nature of customer intimacy and how the technologies and techniques around big data analysis provide business advantage in today’s social, mobile environment — and why it is imperative to adopt a big data analytics strategy.