The year 2015 seems to be a year of opportunity for those who are working mostly in the IT sector i.e. information technology, and most of which include web development, mobile app development as well as cloud computing.

Jobs to look for in Information Technology

Let’s get a closer look at each of them:

  • Mobile App Development.

We all know today how many influential smartphones and similar mobile devices are today. Thus, many people mostly check websites and other services by the phone. This is why mobile apps have been the new trend instead of having to access slow sites through the phone browser. Even since 2014 and when the smartphone technology grew to rise above, mobile app developers are in demand.

All you need to know firsthand before you can get yourself hired in a mobile app development position is to get a Computer Science or IT degree and core knowledge of Android, Java, Ruby or iOS.

Most mobile app developers earn as much as $106,000 per month.

  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Jobs

cloud-computing-imageWhen it comes to new trends in sharing files within a company or group, most people are starting to invest and rely on cloud computing compared to getting expensive servers. Cloud computing helps us nowadays better due to its different services such as music and weather forecast.

Without the need for a limited disk space, using cloud computing can help businesses grow to their maximum potential and expand as much as their business grows as. A lot of open positions in the industry of cloud computing are waiting for you to begin your professional life. All you need to apply is a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar course.

  • Web Development

Due to the advancement in web design and development nowadays, more and more developers are needed in building and maintaining websites filled with challenges ahead.

The goal of web development is to make it easier for Internet users to access an individual site and to send out more information to the world in an organized manner. All you need to be a web developer is a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java and plus points if you are up-to-date with CSS3 and HTML5. You can earn about $80,000 a year from your job.

In conclusion, getting into the IT industry is a big challenge because it’s a never ending learning process, but in the end, if you are willing enough, creative enough, analytical enough, you can manage to get the best job for you.

 About Luke Lonergan

Luke Lonergan, co-founder of Greenplum, an IT company in San Francisco, California shares his views on IT based jobs in upcoming years for new aspirants in IT sector. Luke Lonergan is an expert in Cloud Computing.