Cloud Computing- A Simple Definition by Luke Lonergan

Cloud Computing- A Simple Definition by Luke Lonergan

We hear it often but do you really know what the term cloud computing means? Most people have no clue and I want to give you an easy way to understand the concept.

Seriously—no kidding here—many people think of clouds in the sky when you mention “the cloud” or “cloud computing”. Some people even think it is a weather condition combined with technology somehow.

So let’s talk about what this term really means.

cloud-computing-luke-lonerganWhen someone is using a device such as a laptop or even a smartphone and they are accessing information that is stored somewhere other than on their individual device, that’s basically cloud computing. Think of your smartphone. iPhone as a service they call iCloud where all the contents of your phone (pictures, contacts, applications, etc.) are stored on a server that is hosted by Apple so you can access that data in the event your device fails to work anymore. Some other real world examples are when you shop online and they store your information for future purchases or when you do online banking.

Simply put, cloud computing can be defined as something that:

-Is accessible from any location

-Must be remotely stored or hosted

-Is measured in terms of storage and bandwith (pay for usage)

But let me make it even simpler…cloud computing is akin to the internet as a whole. Don’t get too caught up in the term. Just understand that when you use any device to connect to information that is stored remotely, you are basically accessing the cloud and participating in cloud computing.

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