Luke Lonergan is a businessman who takes great pride in what he does. When he isn’t running his business, he loves to study history and firmly believes in the famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

With the idea that you won’t repeat mistakes if you are aware of them, Mr. Lonergan has made it a priority to carefully study business strategies that not only succeed but the ones that fail as well. Luke believes the loss is important to study, in order for his business to be the best it can be.

Luke Lonergan was born in California to parents he is lucky enough to still have around. He inherited his passion for history and business from his mother.. His father loved to cook and from an early age, Luke began to see the pleasure in it as well. Today, one of Luke Lonergan’s favorite past-time is cooking and he loves trying new recipes. When trying a new recipe for the first time, he likes to follow it to a T. Luke Lonergan then decides what substitutions would be best in the future and enjoys the new flavors he discovers.

Luke Lonergan also nurtures a fondness for cranes and crane manufacturing. He finds them to be fascinating in structure and sees their ability to create otherwise impossible designs, as an indispensable tool to society. Luke Lonergan stays well involved in this field and keeps up to date with the newest models.

Recently, a love for American history has inspired him to participate in war reenactments. Lonergan feels it is important for others to try and live without the great things we have today. Luke loves technology but in order to make his experience more authentic, He will swear off his iPhone during reenactments. He enjoys immersing himself in the reenactments, hoping he can learn more about history on a different level.