Many people, when they hear the words “big data,” immediately think of big data centers filled with high-powered computers and data scientists. Big data does exist in these types of places. However, it is also important to think about the various business models, important to business owners of all types and sizes, which big data is helping to enable.

The ability to get to data quickly and easily is important to the success of almost every type of business. The concept of utilizing data in general is fairly universally understood and respected by businesses and individuals alike. However, not everyone understands the concept of big data, what it can do, and what it can mean to a business.

Luke Lonergan, a leader in the world of big data, understands the importance that big data plays in the business world. The ability to get to data quickly, as well as to analyze it quickly and accurately, are just two reasons why big data applications are so useful and effective. As the concept of big data continues to move out of the data room and into the business boardroom, businesses will realize even more clearly how valuable this type of information can be. In the past, big data was something that almost always fell into the realm of data scientists and information technology experts. However, today there are relatively small and upcoming online businesses that are leveraging big data fairly easily to build their businesses at a surprising rate of speed.

The powerful applications of the future will become increasingly dependent upon the ready availability of big data. Of course, the ability to structure and analyze large amount of data quickly does bring with it a few risks that must be managed. For example, a balance must be struck between the real-time speed by which data can be gathered and how it is then analyzed so that a full understanding and insight of the data can be realized.